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 (at Manhattan Bridge)

The Door, by Ava DuVernay

"The Door, by Ava DuVernay, the fifth Miu Miu Women’s Tale, is a celebration of the transformative power of feminine bonds, and a symbolic story of life change."

Featuring beautiful brown women, some amazing cinematography, great “costumes”, and a wonderful musical backdrop.


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"I want to be an engineer.""What advice would you give other engineers?""If you build a house that collapses, you’re going to get arrested. So you need to keep using the pendulum to make sure that everything is straight. Also, your cement mix has to be strong. You also need to be careful with the builders that you hire, or they will steal the cement from you.”"What sort of building would you build?""A factory that makes new books, so that everyone can have new books for school. All of my books are old and have writing in them."(Entebbe, Uganda)
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72 Degrees in the shade.
The Animated Self Portrait 
T.S Abe

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"Do you remember the proudest you’ve ever felt of your daughter?""At church one Sunday, the preacher was giving a sermon about nonviolence. Afterwards we were walking home, and she saw another child getting hit by her mother. She tugged on my sleeve, and said: ‘Mom, the preacher said not to do that.’"(Kampala, Uganda)
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Orlando Jones - Bucket Challenge - YouTube

A new kind of bucket challenge.
Can you handle it?